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European Vacation Rentals companies - why aren't we treated fairly in the Travel Industry?

July 27, 2004 -- In the US vacation rentals companies are treated with the same breath as any other travel company, but why is this not the case in UK and Europe? I've worked in this industry for nearly three years and I am also a subscriber of various internet magazines - when travel is the topic of conversation the same companies and travel agents are always mentioned, not one of the UK's top rental companies is ever mentioned.

With the increase in low cost airlines in Europe why is this you may ask. It's quite simple the Vacation Rental industry, or Holiday Rental industry as we call it in Europe does not have a governing body like travel agents have ABTA or ATOL, theres no central voice or communication with the travel industry. I think the need for something like this is long overdue it may also add weight to the industry as a whole, which I think often comes off as the "poor relation" in the travel world.

Worldwide Holiday Homes is working along with Vacation rentals experts in the US and Europe to launch such an association. A partnership where all property owners, holidaymakers and holiday rental companies can communicate and start to voice our opinions in the travel industry. More and more holidaymakers are getting the confidence to book their holiday and flight online and as an association we will simmer down some of the so called disadvantages of booking a holiday rental that travel agents have inflamed over the last few years.

The organisation will consist of various experts from the US, and Europe who will answer questions from owners, holidaymakers and the general media. Resources and tools will be made available to owners to ensure that they get the best out of there property, and save money by managing the property themselves. Owners have been made to pay extortionate commission rates for management of their property simply because theres been no organisation which has provided advice and support so they can do it themselves.

We are wanting to speak to the general travel media, UK and European holiday rental companies on how we can form a partnership to suit us all and most importantly to provide a voice to the holiday industry and European media.

For further information visit ;    If you would like to interview Darren Cronian, the founder of the new Holiday Rental Owners partnership then email him on or telephone +44 (0)7969 860140

Notes for Media:
Darren Cronian is the owner of UK based holiday rentals business called Worldwide Holiday Homes that was established in February 2002

The partnership is currently working with;
William May - director of US-based Vacation Rentals Owners Association
Richard Speigal - director of UK-based company The Breaks Company.

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